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WhichColorName – an application in the web arena – has made headlines in the design industry. Its revolutionary features of extracting out color codes and hex values have been rather beneficial, helping designers and artists alike ease their design woes.

Tested image

All the values you want, at one go

One image can have a list of colors. With WhichColorName, you can not only get the name of the colors, but you can also identify all values – whether you’re designing for web or print. This application enables you to extract not only the hex code, but also the RGB color code, the CYMK code and the HSL code at one go.

Most Prominent Colors

Help you decide which color to pick

Another fantastic feature of WhichColorName is its unique ability to detect which colors are most prominent and most used in the image that you uploaded. What’s the difference, you ask? Most Prominent Colors are the ones that stand out the most. The app has a robust algorithm which allows it to pick this out for you. Most Used Colors, on the other hand, are the colors that appear in most often visually within the image you choose.

Most Used Colors

This application has proved to be user-friendly for new as well as seasoned graphic designers. Artists now have an ease of mind of making more calculated decisions. Clients have a better understanding of color options they have for their collateral. And the list goes on.

Join them and test out the benefits that WhichColorName has to offer.

Ease your design woes today!

WhichColorName is hosted on our Collections of Small Web Applications website.

WhichColorName - Helping you ease your design woes by extracting color names and codes from an image.
Created On: 24 May, 2017